UBU team

Magnus Boman Johan Kummeneje David Lybäck Håkan L. S. Younes


The underlying research topics and the architecture of the UBU team are briefly described. The aim of developing UBU is to subject a series of tools and procedures for agent decision support to a dynamic real-time domain. The current version of the UBU team is written in Java.

Sample citation

Magnus Boman, Johan Kummeneje, David Lybäck, and Håkan L. S. Younes. 1999. UBU team. In RoboCup-99 Team Descriptions. Simulation League, edited by Silvia Coradeschi, Tucker Balch, Gerhard Kraetzschmar, and Peter Stone, 133–138, Stockholm, Sweden. Linköping University Electronic Press.

Full paper (6 pages, 15 references)